The Best Projects of Kickstarter, July 2013

As most online denizens are aware of, Kickstarter is a website that offers entrepreneurs and visionaries alike the infrastructure and platform to finance and raise awareness for their aspiring projects. More like an online, super-efficient entrepreneurship conference injected with thousands of financiers mulling in the throngs, Kickstarter has no doubt seen its share of exciting success stories and exciting projects.

After stumbling upon a few awesome projects recently, Peak Your Interest has decided to throw together a patchwork list of some of the best Kickstarter projects currently going on and ones that recently wrapped up. Remember that these projects are time sensitive, so if you’re interested you should definitely whip out that credit card and mull it over.

Jackson Robinson’s Federal 52 Project

Playing cards has gone back centuries as a time-honoured tradition among friends and the bored alike. But it has always felt that in our zeal for tradition, creativity has been forgotten when designing what we play with. Jackson, an illustrator and artist by trade, ingeniously came up with a way to not only infuse some creative interest in playing cards, but also draw on the heart-strings of the historically inclined among us. He created a series of five card decks, a number which no doubt will increase, that pay an homage to the design and characters of historical American paper money. Having the King’s portrait be George Washington or the Joker be Benjamin Franklin flying his kite is awesome, but the level of detail and artistry in the cards is amazing. It’s one thing to play high stakes poker with regular cards, but Jackson’s money-inspired ones certainly would up the ante. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter projects are all funded now, but there will undoubtedly be more to come.

Lomography’s Petzval Portrait Lens

A myriad of “vintage” photos via Instagram always seem to pop up in our Facebook home feeds. Yes, society’s obsession with the past is not limited to playing cards (how weird would that be). So as if no one had ever realized that today’s “vintage” looking photographs don’t actually look like they did way back in the day, Lomography decided to step in and change the process. The lenses on those accordion-looking cameras in the wild west have been somewhat brought back, with a similar appearance and an awesomely-authentic photographic effect; one that feels, and is appropriately, real. So if you think of Nikon when you hear SLR instead of Mercedes, then this lens might just be what you’re looking for.

The Lomography Petzval Lens attached to analogue Canon and Nikon SLRs

Satchel & Page’s Leather Products

No one doesn’t like leather (okay maybe not vegans, but they probably are closet fans). But like with the Petzval lens, some things just seem to be forgotten in the past. That might not make sense, but if you look at your wallet or purse closely, you’ll realize that whatever leather is there, it is probably surprisingly thin – and yes, it wasn’t always like that. Bring in Satchel & Page, who’s only real innovation is simply making thicker leathered products, and as a result, making better quality products. Check them out soon before they’re funded if you want a bag to last a lifetime.

Studio KMD’s Pick Your Poison Decanters

Although the classically-designed decanters that the British aristocracy and the wealthy among them will always have an air of class to them, Studio KMD’s version certainly brings the cool factor. Sure, saying the word decanter in casual conversation makes you seem like a pretentious East Egg resident, but if you’re talking about these decanters, all can be forgiven. Lab-inspired glassware is mildly interesting sure, but although KMD’s glass make reference to such products, they no doubt function as standalone pieces of subtle cool sophistication and not just a gimmick. This project has a long way to go so if you’re interested, now might be the time to consider stocking up on that Maker’s Mark or vintage Port.

Available in 2-3-4 flask configurations

Thomas Johnson’s Fusion Wallet

Wallets are a symbol that says something about ourselves. Thomas Johnson’s wallet definitely says something a little more than the average person’s. Take a look at this project that got substantially overfunded this month. It’s highly utilitarian and hefty design make for a cool-looking and practical wallet for daily use.

Michael Khamsot’s Keykeeper

Like with the practical Fusion Wallet, necessity is the mother of invention. Terribly overused phrase, but no doubt entirely apt to this gadget. Finally, jingling keys and losing them can be a thing of the past. This tool makes you feel like you’re always as ready as a Swiss Army vet, and as cool as, well, a person that didn’t lose their keys. Not terribly expensive, but you’ll have quite some time to think it over before this project gets funded.