Todd Shapiro fired from the Dean Blundell Show

DBSThis morning at the tail end of the Dean Blundell Show on Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge at 10:02am, Dean got suddenly serious and almost aphasic – as would anyone who is talking about something they really do not want to address. Over the past week and a half, Todd Shapiro, Dean’s proverbial sidekick, has been assumed to be “on vacation”. When listeners asked where Todd was, Dean would shrug off the question as a nonchalant joke, stating he didn’t know where Todd was vacationing. The site as well mysteriously was wiped of all mention of Todd. In retrospect, it all made sense.

So as Dean’s time on air was running out this morning, he quickly addressed the no-doubt slew of questions coming in about Todd. Stating that Todd is no longer with the show and that the show has “always been about you people [the listeners] and will continue to be that way” much of what he said was pretty cryptic, not referencing any of the reasons for the sudden change-up in what was a more-or-less duo show.

Perhaps this is like when Jason Barr was fired from the show three years ago. It was rumoured that he and Dean had a falling out at Sausagefest that year and Dean refused to continue the show until they let go of Jason. They caved. Whether this is the case now or not, it’s just a shame to see something good fall to the side.

Todd your listeners (yes they were yours as well) no doubt bid you all the best in the future. Whatever it is that you do, that comical, offside charm that kept  radio listeners and even Keys to the VIP watchers alike talking will be missed.