Art Series: Xavi García

Handmade banknote billCurrency might be an art form, but it always comes down to money. With each note produced en masse and designed digitally, whatever art was intended seems at most aesthetically appealing. Xavi García of Spain created Handmade to the “soulness of digital design”. Unlike banknotes which can be churned out in the thousands every day, García’s banknote took him three months to complete. Drawn exclusively by hand and printed using various techniques, it remains consistent with modern banknotes in having security measures like watermarks, UV inks, tactile elements, and see-through images.

The most communicating piece of his work is the denomination. Getting across a message of individuality and quality, dollar value has been replaced by the time it took Xavi to make the bill. Xavi García, a previous business student in Salamanca and Gothenburg, explores design using many different mediums and is currently experimenting with different typography. Check out some of his works.

handmade banknote bill customhandmade banknote bill custom



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