A Better Bugatti?

Bugatti Vincero d'Oro MasonryThe Bugatti Veyron has been called the perfect car, an unimaginable feat of automotive engineering. Usually the pinnacle of a car model is represented by a company that takes the base and refines it even more. But there are no RUFs, AMGs, or Callaways for Bugatti, it’s even taboo to say. And yet the infamous Swiss company Masonry has done just that.

As if the world’s fastest production car couldn’t get any more fierce, Masonry’s new Linea Vincero d’Oro has beat out the “typical” Veyron on a number of fronts. With an improved exhaust and more efficient cold air induction system, the Linea has managed to add 108bhp, giving it a lethal 1109bhp. And with improvements comes an improvement of torque from 922 to 966lb ft.

If making a Veyron even more of a monster isn’t enough, they’ve given it makeover. With copper-thread woven into the more apparent carbon fibre finish, the Linea carries its weight in gold. And weighing in at almost two tonnes, its price is definitely even more obscene.

Bugatti Veyron Vincero d'Oro


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