Absolut Brooklyn Style

Whether you like vodka or not, you’ll be asking for the bottle. Last month Absolut unveiled their newest limited edition vodka in their city series to celebrate Brooklyn. When deciding how to best represent Brooklyn on their bottle, it’s no wonder why the people at Absolut teamed up with native Spike Lee. Besides the illustration of a  brownstone stoop like the one Spike Lee grew up on, the design is topped off with a “slight” alteration of Absolut’s founder, Lars Olsson Smith. 

It’s not the first limited edition bottle meant to celebrate a city, even though Brooklyn’s technically not a city (it’s actually one of the five New York boroughs). Other cities turned refreshments include LA, New Orleans, Boston, and Vancouver. 

Although the design of a vodka bottle is usually secondary to its contents, the Brooklyn limited edition definitely deserves a conversation piece, especially if you were invited to its launch party.


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