Art Series: Ron Parker

I’m not an art buff, but I do like a nice-looking painting. I remember going into the Plaza Gallery in Whistler  and stopped at the amazing paintings by Ron Parker. I’ve never actually stopped to look at a piece of art before and get pulled in like I did with his artwork.

Many people know Ron Parker as a Robert Bateman style painter, known for his high degree of detail and realism. But Mr. Parker has recently moved away from wildlife realism to a distinctly different, and refreshing style. What could be called his stylized vision of landscapes, Ron takes landscapes and tries to represent their shapes and colours on a simplistic level. It may look simplistic, but it feels more complex than his more detailed works.

Many people, including myself, see a resemblance between Ron’s painting style and some animated design created in programs like Illustrator. Some people might therefore tag his art as naiveté or plain childish, but I think it represents pure imagination. Many times with landscape artwork from the west coast there is a great deal of detail involved, and many examples are also photographs. A lot of the reason for this attempt to represent the landscape and wildlife so accurately is to try to convey a sense of grandeur. But like native artists, Ron Parker conveys a more imaginative and human perspective of the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia and the west coast.

Ron Parker talks about his artistic development and meaning behind his paintings. The last minute shows his works.


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