Whaling Under the Microscope

The recent conference regarding whaling that is being held in Morocco has perpetuated the great divide between the overwhelming majority of countries who oppose whaling and the few who insist on it. Japan with a backing from Norway, Iceland, and Denmark fiercely opposed ending their whaling operations and would not come to a compromise. For years Japan has been taking advantage of a loophole to hunt whales in Antarctic waters by claiming it is scientific research. Although there is supposed to be a hunting moratorium, whales are continuing to make profitable ventures in countries like Iceland and Norway. Amidst the status quo, citizens around the world are growning evermore frustrated, with global activist groups like Avaaz successfully getting a petition signed by over 1.2 million people.

This failed agreement and continued loose regulations overemphasize the importance in having stringent international laws and regulations over common property resources. It’s apparent that a consensus cannot be reached for nearly any resource that is rivalrous and non-excludable in that regular, capitalistic approaches will not prove viable in the long term.

With the conference in Morocco nearing its end, the only positive result seems to be a growing global pressure for resource management change as more and more countries realize its the key to their long-term economic viability and independence.

To Sign Avaaz’s petition visit: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/whales_72hrs_left/?fp


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