Did you know

  • Barack Obama used marijuana and in his words, “maybe a little blow” too. He would’ve tried heroin but he didn’t like the pusher that was selling. He still smokes often, cigarettes of course.
  • Jacob Zuma, South African President, never received formal education, went to jail with Nelson Mandela, has three current wives and two previous,  has been previously charged (but dropped) with rape and coruption, and has twenty children.
  • Nicholas Sarkozy, French President, is only a quarter French. He’s also Hungarian and Sephardic Jew.
  • Stephen Harper was a major player in the pro-western Canada party the Reform Party of Canada.
  • David Cameron, British Prime Minister, is a member of the ancient Scottish Cameron clan and is a direct descendant of King William IV.
  • Lula Luiz Inácio da Silva, President of Brazil, never finished school past the fourth grade and didn’t learn to read until he was ten.
  • Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, is a judo master, a former KGB officer, a skilled equestrian, dived into the world’s deepest lake in a mini-sub, and saved a TV crew by shooting a tiger that was coming after them. Of course, with a tranquilizer dart.
  • Kevin Rudd, now former Australian Prime Minister, is of convict heritage and is completely fluent in Mandarin. Check him speaking Chinese in the video below.
  • Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister, owns half of the Italian media, is Italy’s third richest man, had involvement in the mafia, had relations with a young girl who called him Papi,  is accused of having paid escorts to spend the night with him, and said that “Communists used to eat children”, not to mention trying to play hide-and-seek with the German Chancellor, greeting her with a  “coo coo”. Man that’s a list!

Kevin Rudd speaking Chinese to an audience at Tsinghua University.


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