House Series: Whistler’s Stonecliff Falls

Peering through binoculars at Whistler’s most secluded estates, tucked away on Blackcomb mountain, it can be easy to miss Stonecliff Falls. Further off from the mega-mansions, in the Brio development lies one of Whistler’s greatest buildings. Stonecliff Falls, finished around 2006, is stunningly unique. The house, although “only” 4700 square feet is a staggering six stories high. Although its location is secluded, its sheer height gives the residence stunning views of Whistler Mountain and the encompassing valley. Although six stories sounds like a mini condo building, most of the height comes from the faux-rock facade and smaller floors that allow for its spectacular views.

Equipped with a full-sized elevator, Stonecliff Falls looks more like a small resort. To fit in with the cliffs on either side of the house to which it was cut into, the two-door garage is of a stylized marble appearance (although I doubt it’s real marble, but it looks good!). Over one hundred granite slabs were used along with rare, exotic woods to create a natural yet refined look to the house.

On top of everything that you would expect in a modern lodge-type mansion, Stonecliff has a custom hot tub, two steam rooms, a Lifetouch lighting system, and a Creston home automation system which gives the house a sort of mind of its own. The owner of the house, Viive Truu, is a Vancouver and Whistler real estate mogul. Unfortunately Ms. Truu was defrauded by a con man of approximately $16 million. This however didn’t stop her from building Stonecliff Falls, listed previously at $14 million, although it explains the installation of fifteen security cameras.

Oh and did I forget to mention the three-story interior waterfall that runs through the inside of the house and comes outside, falling another four stories over a heated cliff into a pond? Needless to say that’s what turned my head about this house. If you’re ever in Whistler make sure to drive by: Stonecliff Falls

2 thoughts on “House Series: Whistler’s Stonecliff Falls

  1. I heard this house originally had a price tag of like $28 million when it was being buiilt, so crazy!

  2. I drove by this home today working up in Whistler and can honestly say I have never seen anything like it. I would love to tour the home. What an engineering feat to pull of. Hopefully soon they will renovate the en-suite bathroom and need one of my linear shower drains.

    Fingers Crossed.

    John Whipple
    By Any Design Ltd.
    Linear Shower Drains

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