Pagani Zonda Cinque

As the automotive world said its goodbyes to the Zonda, Pagani dropped the Zonda Cinque on the road. The final farewell to the massively applauded Zonda is the meanest, leanest one yet. Motored by a  Mercedes-Benz AMG-sourced 678-horsepower V12, you would think the car would be heavily weighed down like a smaller version of a Veyron of sorts. But the Zonda since its inception over ten years ago was designed to create strong emotions, and it does nothing short of that by having a thrilling acceleration (0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds) and absolutely stunning braking capacity, taking only 2.1 seconds from 60 mph. What stronger emotions can develop while driving when you can go from pushing down the gas pedal to 60 mph and back in 6 seconds.

What makes the Cinque an explosive way to end the Zonda, besides its awesome racing stripe, is its even more lightweight body. The car stripped off forty kilograms from its predecessor, thanks to its increased diet of titanium, carbon fibre, and even a new ultra-lightweight substance, carbotanium.

Although the Zonda is going out with a bang, many car enthusiasts will surely feel a sense of a whimper. But of course, it’s a carefully designed, classy whimper. Only five coupes and five roadsters have been produced, and at around $2 million, the Cinque no doubt leaves a bang on your bank statement.

Check out the Cinque’s close relative, the F, face off against the demon Bugatti Veyron.


One thought on “Pagani Zonda Cinque

  1. Sweet car. I love how its racing style is so rugged. It just relies on its power and light weight its steering is wild. Its as if the car was built for drifing even the Stif on topgear drifts it around corners. Highly unusual as sliding actually costs you time on the track. But so awesome! I want one.

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