Choosing a University

What is made into one of the biggest decisions of your life, choosing the right university for you can be stressful. For those out there who can’t decide remember to consider these factors:

Distance from home The more independence you’ll have the further you are, but more good food you’ll have the closer.

Reputation  Rankings might tell you if one university has better teachers or technology than another school, but reputation amongst academics, peers, and those in the industry you want to go into tell a lot.

Your fit with the university Do you see youreslf there? Can you identify with the culture of the school?

Academic fit  A little different than your general fit, your academic fit should mean you’re not in a program where you’ll be in the bottom of the class or one that doesn’t challenge you enough. Check the graphs below to see the recent entering averages of Ontario universities and schools of business.

Money  It always comes down to money. Most Canadian universities offer some form of financial assistance, but when comparing universities, make sure you compare the costs over your full four years (some universities are dramatically cheaper in the first two years than they are in the latter).

Program  Although accepting McGill over Algoma may seem like the right choice, it all depends on what program you’re going into. Some universities that are considered of less quality have some very strong programs. There’s a fine balance between choosing the school and the program.

Friends  You might be inclined to go to a school where your friends are going. No matter what university you go to, you will find people like you. It’s important to find the right university for you, not for your friends.

The above data was collected and compiled from OUAC university statistics.


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